Transformative evolution

Behind a great product is an efficient organization. That is the point of difference of Willard Batteries with respect to the competition because product support is focused on the human team that makes them.

The best available technologies, supported by the excellence of our human talent, make a product of the highest quality possible. An invisible force that lives inside each of our batteries, the power of good energy that evolves day by day to transform a better world.

Pulsating load +DFS

It allows a better and more efficient initial charge of the battery, obtaining better results throughout its useful life. Increased surface area of the plates.

high purity lead

Ultra-refined leads, with a purity of 99.9% that guarantees the best performance of our batteries. Longer life and better performance in all working conditions.

Titanium Additive

High efficiency, which allows a better charge acceptance in our batteries. Better power delivery at ignition. Considerably increases life cycles.

Expanded laminated gratings

Technology that provides the greatest resistance to corrosion in automotive batteries. Grids with the highest mechanical resistance and best electrical conductivity. Greater resistance to vibrations. Greater durability in extreme temperature conditions.

Enhanced Calcium-Tin Alloy

Decrease in electrical resistance. Superior corrosion resistance. Minimum water consumption during the life of the battery.

Environmentally friendly

Responsible and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.
We save energy and natural resources.
Factory certified in environmental management standard ISO 14001 2015.
Battery post-consumption program, for its correct final disposal and/or or use.

Boxes with robust design

Boxes designed for high resistance to working conditions. Ergonomic handle designs for easy handling. Specially designed to meet the parameters of all vehicle manufacturers.

Hot melt epoxy

Adhesive for internal fixing of the battery. Batteries with high resistance to vibrations.