We generate value with competitive advantages

We generate value with sustainable competitive advantages, supported by technology and constant innovation with actions of superior service for the satisfaction and demands of high quality standards of our global clients.

We work permanently on the comprehensive development of our human talent in a healthy and safe environment, guaranteeing the protection and conservation of our environment.

We are a leading manufacturer of high-performance electric accumulators, applying the best available technologies, supported by the excellence of our human talent for the full satisfaction of our consumers and our business partners.

Willard works permanently in:

  • Identify stakeholder expectations and meet needs
  • Stay close to your customers at all times to give them the best product and service.
  • Being united with its suppliers and subcontractors to jointly develop better raw materials, better processes and activities that prevent environmental pollution.
  • Raise its technological level day by day measured in the quality of the knowledge acquired through experience.