Prevent pollution

Protecting our environment is a social commitment we all have as a community. This is why we put into effect environmental guidelines in every single potential source of pollution.
We treat our wastes chemically to guarantee the maintenance of the atmosphere.
When batteries come to an end, they become a hazardous waste. Hence the importance of an adequate final disposition.
As a hazardous waste, they need to be disposed in an environmentally safe way to avoid polluting.
Because of this, used batteries must be returned to the manufacturer so they are duly treated.


Why is it important to recycle?

  • It helps to prevent and protect the environment
  • It leads to save natural resources
  • Recycling avoids high energy consumption
  • It helps decrease the quantity of wastes so we can enlarge the use of our disposal facilities.
  • It simplifies smelters work.

What does recycling do?

  • Save resources
  • Decrease pollution
  • Save energy
  • Avoid deforestation
  • Evitar la deforestacion.
  • Reduce about 80% of space wastes take.
  • Help garbage recollection easier
  • Live in a cleaner world

How do I do it?

Waste sorting is to separate wastes in a place where we can easily classify them.


What cares to be taken when handling a used battery?

  • Never bring close a spark or flame to a battery
  • Not to smoke near to a battery
  • A battery will always get disconnected by its negative terminal
  • Keep changing zone well ventilated
  • Never add pure sulfuric acid to the battery, it must be diluted.

When you are handling a lead-acid batter, you must always us the following personal protective equipment:

  • Goggles
  • Gloves and boots
  • Chemical Resistant Coat

What cares to be taken when storing batteries?

  • If the batteries drips acid, identify the leak and mark it
  • Make sure the battery has all its plastic protective elements. Do not handle nor transport if you notice it does not have them.
  • Avoid acid leaking at any circumstance.
  • In order to avoid gas accumulation, batteries must be stored in a well-ventilated place.
  • Access to this warehouse must be properly marked with hazardous material signs.
  • Do not keep wasted stored for more than 12 months.